Saturday, 21 February 2009

Lying rats

More often than not, a client will return the car without a full tank of petrol.
It's clearly explained to the client that returning the car without a full tank of petrol will cost them a whole lot more. I'm talking $40 for half a tank...

So to try and fool us, they'd come in a day before the rental period ends, and ask to replace the car because it has 'faulty breaks'. This is usually tested quite easily and found not to be the case.

We won't tell them that we think they are lying. We will replace their car.

But only if the petrol tank is full.

When we tell them that they returned the 'faulty' car without a full tank of petrol, they'll say they got it with half a tank anyway.
* Proceed to show them the document they signed stating that the car had a full tank of petrol, which they will quickly refute claiming that is not their signature.

By then, it's only a matter of showing them the contract they signed, with the exact same signature 6 more times on the page...

I try and not let the lying customers get under my skin, but most times I'm so ready to just throw a set of keys at them and yell "THERE! HERE YOU GO YOU LYING RAT".


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