Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tales of Insurance

Bold - Employee
Italics - Customer

I have a car here.
Okay sir, do you have a reservation number?

No. Find my name. It's (ambiguously spelled name).
Sir, I can't find your reservation, could you spell me your name?

No, find it on the computer.
Sir, are you sure your reservation is for today?

Yes, of course.

[some time passes, during which his 5 children make a mess of the counter]

Okay sir, I've found it, it was 3 days ago.
Plech. Your computer is wrong.

Okay sir, never mind. I need your credit card and driving license.

[customer proceeds to give me 4 cards, bound in rubber bands, 3 of which are declined by his bank]

Okay. I've given you a larger car than what you've ordered.
Can I get a 7 seater?

Not for this price sir. This price is for the smallest car we have.
But I want a 7 seater for this price.

I can't do that sir, the computer won't allow it.
Try anyway.

I'm sorry sir, I can't do that.

Upon signing the rental contract:
What insurances do I have to pay?

The standard Collision Damage Waiver.
I don't want to pay it.

Then I can't give you a car sir.
I told my travel agent I don't want to pay insurance.

Sir, I cannot give you a car if you decline the COMPULSORY insurance, you can only decline the additional insurances.

Why am I declining them?

Sir, I offered you them and you said you don't want to pay them.

You're right. I don't.

Then sign the decline clause.

Fine, but I'll have you know this is simply outrageous. I shouldn't have to pay for insurance.

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